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Collaborations& Session Work

Writing Credits

Bellavia, B. and Driver, T. Always Just Out of R.E.A.C.H.   (Robotic Eclosion After Coming Hylozoic).         Performance by Piggy Black Cross, Bridget Bellaviaand Toby Driver. La Vagabonde Music, 2019.

Bellavia, B. aka Paranoid Fiction. Bitter Tongue. Performance by Bridget Bellavia, Brian Chase, Toby Driver.

Bellavia, B. and Quiet Lights. Quiet Lights. Performance by Quiet Lights and Bridget Bellavia. 2018.

Bellavia, B. and Pittman, M. Fireside. Performance by White Hotel, Matt Pittman, and Bridget Bellavia. 2014.

Featured in:

Night Tongue, "Ad Terrae." Polaris, 2020.

Arctic Sleep, Kindred Spirits. Performance by Keith D, Craig Cirinelli, and Bridget Bellavia. 2019.

Toby Driver, "Scaffold of Digital Snow." They Are The Shield, Blood Music, 2018.

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